TakeAways From re:Invent 2014

Darius Aliabadi

System Engineer, News UK

Darius Aliabadi. System Engineer at News UK.

T: @aughban

GH: aughban/presenations

Wait a minute... wait..

This Is BAU!

The Usual: Amazon is doing lots of releases

People REALLY Care About Baseball!

Code Commit, Code Deploy, Code Pipelines


Best One: AWS Config


Cloud is the new Normal

Amazon is listening to it's customers

There are no clear leaders in AWS tools

But it's an emerging area with lots of interested players

News UK Talks

WEB302 - Wordpress on AWS BAC202 - Enterprise Backup and Archive

SEC312 - Taking a DevOps Approach to Security

DEV309 - How Netflix’ Open Source Tools Help Accelerate & Scale Services

ARC307 - Infrastructure as Code

SPOT301 - AWS Innovation at Scale

A Big Thanks To AWS For Their Hospitality

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